State of the Cinema – March 3rd

Hazraat! Aik zaroori ilaan suniye! Aj Friday hai, weekend party ke liay tayyari muqamal kijiye! Yes, the blessed weekend is upon us once more and here at EasyTickets, that means it’s movie time!

So without further ado, here’s our “State-of-the-Cinema” for the upcoming weekend (and beyond):



Logan. Logan! LOGAN!! Heading up R-rated street following the insane success of Deadpool is Hugh Jackman’s last outing as the fabled foul-mouthed mutant Wolverine. Picture gruesome slicing and dicing with an additional serving of gore, as Wolverine, urf “churriyon wala darinda”, teams up with Professor Xavier to save a young mutant who’s more similar to him that he would care to admit (any more and we are venturing into spoiler territory. No one wants that).

This one’s not to be missed! For the best cinema experience, we recommend the IMAX or Ultra screens. There’s going to be brutal, brutal violence and plenty of F-bombs in this one, so bachon ki pohanch se duur rekhiye!

Rounding up this week’s new Hollywood releases is Collide, the action thriller starring His Darkness Anthony Hopkins as an eccentric gangster who wrecks havoc in the lives of bright eyed Nicholas Hault as he attempts to pay for his girlfriend’s (Felicity Jones) medical emergency… No, we don’t get it either! Critic sahibaan ne kuch acha nahi kia is film ke sath, but when has that ever stopped anyone from going to see Anthony Hopkins silence anyone and everyone with his spine chilling, piercing glance? Go for the failed heist plot, stay for the superb villainy!

Finally, this week also sees the release of the Bollywood flick Tum Bin II… To be honest folks, this one’s a tough sell. Sequel to a 2001 film not many remember, Tum Bin II is destined to sputter at our box office, given the lacklustre starpower. Maybe watch the PSL instead. Just sayin’.



Fans of spectacularly choreographed action who have yet to see John Wick Chapter 2, kia ap pagal hain?  Umda tareen film hai, barahe meharbani ye perhna chorain aur abhi ja ker dekhain.

Kids not seen Lego Batman yet? That’s as good an excuse as any for you to watch it again! Some great humour, a film that slightly overstays its welcome but a killer end credits sequence makes up for the slack!

Ballu Mahi is still tearing through the box office – calling all Usman Khalid Butt jialas! Go watch it again, support our local artists! Speaking of, if you’re reading all this and don’t have the EasyTickets app installed, shame on you. Yes, you.
That’s it for this week’s State-of-the-Cinema, join us next week for lame jokes and spot-on reviews!

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