State of the Cinema – Nostalgia Edition

Ayen, aj ke State-of-the-Cinema pe apna bachpan yad kerain. Wo sakroon pe cricket, wo market se ice lolly, wo summer vacations ke cartoon marathon.

It would appear that we’re not the only ones taking this trip down memory lane – Disney has been aggressively pushing for live-action remakes of their popular children’s classics, and releasing this weekend is one of the biggest one of them all:

*cue pandemonium*

Yes, you read it right! The second highest rated Disney animation on IMDB is making its way to your cinema in literally a few hours! Here’s why you should care:

  • It’s a (mostly) faithful recreation of a beloved childhood film
  • The cast is jaw droppingly good looking. Some of them can act, too!
  • There are three entirely NEW songs written for this film, along with a whole backstory for the heroine, Belle (Emma Watson)
  • It’s Beauty and the Beast for crying out loud!

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BUT WAIT! What if your childhood was more dhishkum dhishkum and less disco disco? You know what we mean – The Beast isn’t the only creature to give you those nostalgic feels – The King is also making a triumphant return to the big screen. No, not Elvis bhai. It’s someone bigger. And hairier. Here’s a hint:



Oops, turns out we gave more than just a hint. Yes, Kong: Skull Island is also sweeping through Pakistani cinemas this week, pitting the romantic Beast against the romantic… beast. As it turns out, they both find themselves inexplicably attracted to human women, but only one of them gets to fight other supersized monsters. So if you like your action gritty and violent (and without synchronised dancing), Kong: Skull Island is your gateway drug to mayhem!

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