State of the Cinema – Alient Covenant

Movie minions, do you feel that chill down your spine? That shivery, crawling sensation on your skin? Those are the Alien Covenant tickets that you should have bought last weekend, stalking your every move. And they will keep following you until you acquiesce and finally accept your fate: To go to your nearest cinema and join hundreds of moviegoers in screaming your lungs out!

What makes Alien Covenant so special, you may ask. What makes it stand out in the pantheon of great horror films? The answer is two words: Sir Ridley Scott (okay, that was three). Returning to the iconic Alien universe (of which the first films are repeatedly lauded as the greatest horror films of all time), Ridley Scott has decided to answer the critics of the previous film Prometheus by ramping up the horror.

Has he succeeded? The critics are mostly in agreement, applauding the way the film has been shot, along with individual performances. The horror/action sequences were similarly lauded but critics were quick to point out that the film’s pacing leaves much to be desired. Viewer response however has been unilaterally positive because let’s face it: We all love us some Alien action!

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