Pre-Booking June’s Biggest Blockbusters with EasyTickets

June is going to kick-off with a blast! Two of the summer’s biggest blockbusters are headed your way back to back! Let’s take a quick look at them, shall we?

First up is DC’s latest attempt to stay relevant in a Marvel-dominated Hollywood – Wonder Woman. And you know what, initial reviews from private screenings seem to suggest that DC may finally have gotten one right! Have a quick gander at the trailer:

Exciting, no? We’re especially glad that this is the film where DC get their act together. Wonder Woman is the first female led superhero film ALSO being directed by a woman, it NEEDED to get it right. Beyond that, WW’s one of the most well known heroes from the golden age and deserved an excellent big screen adaptation. It appears to have got that and fans are clamoring to pre-order their tickets for June 2nd! Have you booked yours yet?

Don’t go just yet because there’s one more explosive film headed your way on June 9th – Tom Cruise’s reboot of The Mummy. Now, there’s still a review embargo on the initial screenings of the films so we don’t know how the film is actually faring but given the trailer, it’s hard not to find things to like. Tom Cruise is STILL performing his own stunts, that beast, and the expanded “Dark Universe” storyline is intriguing and gripping. Take a look:

Can’t wait! And it seems neither can the fans. Remember, pre-bookings for the Mummy are open and running out FAST. Book your ticket now!

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