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Sunil Shanker

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Salman has been receiving calls from an unknown number. Nobody speaks but the calls are persistent. His mother is also receiving the same calls. Father has hearing problems and yet he seems to hear something no one else does. Each member of the family has a different explanation for what's going on. Is it some sign, some warning, or a call from someone they know?

House rules for CHUP:

1. Rights of Admission reserved by the Management 

2. This ticket is for one entry only for the marked date and time

3. The program will begin on time

4. Ticket checking will begin 30 minutes before the program starts

5. Seating will begin 15 minutes before the program starts

6. Seating is available on first come first served basis

7. Please switch off your cell phones

8. Taking photographs and making videos is strictly prohibited, kindly experience the performance with your presence, not through the lens

9. Food, drinks and smoking is strictly prohibited inside the hall

10. If you are late to the performance, your ticket will only be entertained on basis of the management's decision 

11. Be mindful of others

Thank you for your cooperation!

For further queries please dial 03321422241 or 03074443406

NOTE: Seating is available only on the first come first served basis and children under 10 years are not allowed.

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