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Top-Billed Cast:
  • Ahmed Ali Akbar Ahmed Ali Akbar
  • Mansha Pasha Mansha Pasha
Kamal Khan
Ali Abbas Naqvi
Running Time:
100 minutes
Crime | Thriller
Available Screening Types:
Noman Dar
7/10 Oct 14, 2019
Good movie on karachi past situation

sarfraz butt
10/10 Apr 30, 2019
nice one

waseem farooq
1/10 Apr 06, 2019
Very Very bad... worse movie i have ever sceen. total waste of time. Also woese cinema at Vogue tower lahore

Adeel Usman
10/10 Mar 31, 2019
All stars for only story not for acting

Abdullah Sami
8/10 Mar 30, 2019
Good story and great performances. But Cinematography need improvement, some good art direction and it will surely become on if the best films in Pakistan. Our Industry need improvement and films like these as well.

Aslam Shahzad
7/10 Mar 30, 2019
Overall it's a fine movie to watch. But they could've made it better. anyhow 6 stars for movie anx 1 for mansha. Love.

rabia haroon
4/10 Mar 30, 2019

muhammad omair
5/10 Mar 29, 2019
poor story line... acting was good though... could have been better... ending is kind of funny...

Moequb Ali
1/10 Mar 25, 2019
its very bad news

10/10 Mar 24, 2019
Excellent movie. must watch it. dont miss this movie.

Umair Amjad
6/10 Mar 24, 2019
ok bus

Zohaib Shahid
10/10 Mar 22, 2019
The film industry is in dire need of such movies.

Mursaleen Khalid
10/10 Mar 19, 2019