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Film Round About 2019 triangular love story, action & insurance based Pakistani cinemas scop Film. The story of this film belongs to an educated family that provide all kinds of support to an unknown girl for her rights and shelter. This rich family has a daughter who is always lonely, that�s why she makes friendship with a strange girl and soon they become very close. That girl is so innocent so she decides to make her beneficiary in her insurance policy so she think if something happens to me in life so she will not face any problem. Because of that. This family faces serious issues, and the time of that period both girls fall and love with the rich girl�s cousin. Who�s the bodyguard of the rich girl�s Due to which they started opposing Each Other and Made of Each Other. So we have to know the Importance of life insurance policy. Because life can turn around any time anywhere.
Top-Billed Cast:
  • Arbaaz Khan Arbaaz Khan
  • Iftikhar Thakur Iftikhar Thakur
  • Mahi Khan Mahi Khan
Arbaaz Khan
Saleem Murad
Running Time:
100 minutes
Drama | Romance
Available Screening Types:
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