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An original standalone origin story of the iconic villain not seen before on the big screen, it's a gritty character study of Arthur Fleck, a man disregarded by society, and a broader cautionary tale.
Top-Billed Cast:
  • Joaquin Phoenix Joaquin Phoenix
  • Robert De Niro Robert De Niro
  • Shea Whigham Shea Whigham
  • Brett Cullen Brett Cullen
  • Zazie Beetz Zazie Beetz
  • Bill Camp Bill Camp
Todd Phillips
Todd Phillips, Scott Silver
Running Time:
122 minutes
Crime | Drama | Thriller
Available Screening Types:
2D | 3D
Junaid Tariq
10/10 Dec 08, 2019
Joaquin Phoenix played joker role very well. Good movie.

6/10 Nov 11, 2019

Muhammad Hadi
9/10 Nov 10, 2019
origin story of the darkest character in DC universe

Saad Jamshaid
10/10 Nov 09, 2019
it was an amazing experience to watch this movie

Tauseef Abbass
10/10 Oct 23, 2019
great to watch a character like joker and its origin

Abdullah Parvaiz
10/10 Oct 22, 2019

Mughees Ahmed
10/10 Oct 21, 2019
brilliant excellence movie a must watch dont forget this movie

Rizwan Minhas Minhas
10/10 Oct 16, 2019
A brilliant piece of work, being to true to his profession. Really indulging. A Must watch.

Mohammad Mustafa
10/10 Oct 14, 2019
Kamal movie jinko samjh nahi ayi wohi sirf 1 yah 2 rate kara ga

Saeed Haider
10/10 Oct 14, 2019
best movie

Salman Afzal
9/10 Oct 13, 2019
Excellent movie

waseem farooq
1/10 Oct 13, 2019
i don't know why the hell people rating it 10 star. this movie deserve -10.... the worst movie i have ever watched.No story, No action, no drama, no comedy, no thrill... totally garbage. if you want to torture yourself for 2.5 hours , watch it... i go for it after seeing it's rating but now i realize most of the people rate the movie before watching it.... (Truck ki batti ki pechle lagni ki adat he is awaam ko)... this movie is a Piece of crap.. i am still repenting that why i watch this mo

Waseem Farooq
1/10 Oct 13, 2019
Tatti movie

adeel siddiqui
9/10 Oct 12, 2019
tagline. the fact is, chaos is normal, controlling chaos creates a bigger one.

1/10 Oct 12, 2019
Hate it

Maaz Iftikhar
10/10 Oct 12, 2019
In the End Joker Dies

Rizwan Ali
10/10 Oct 11, 2019
WoW .. amazing movie.

shameel khan
9/10 Oct 11, 2019
Good movie

Ahmad Nadeem
10/10 Oct 11, 2019
Gd movie

Ali Awais
10/10 Oct 10, 2019