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Fatma who is physically and mentally disabled from birth is raped by her nephew and after a while finds out that she is pregnant. Having lost both of her parents at her birth, this baby is a hope for Fatma to end her loneliness. Fatma's uncle Recep who doesn't want the baby to be born engages in violence and causes her to have a miscarriage. This is a great devastation for Fatma and she turns for help to her own midwife Song�l. Song�l doesn't want the evil that has been done to Fatma go unpunished and at the cost of her own live she summons H�ddam and performs a ritual and brings the baby back. The arrival of this innocent baby will be the end of Fatma's solitude and a curse to those that have wronged her.
Top-Billed Cast:
  • Seyda Ipek Baykal Seyda Ipek Baykal
  •  Ayyildiz Beslen Ayyildiz Beslen
  • Can Beslen Can Beslen
Running Time:
100 minutes
Available Screening Types:
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